The MCA Efficient Deck Hand Course is mandatory for the issue of the OOW (Yacht less than 300gt) CoC. Students are continuously assessed during the EDH course. A final practical/oral exam will take place for all students on the last day of the course.

This five day course is both a practical and theoretical course which covers good basic seamanship practice, splicing and whipping, ropework and rigging, safe handling of moorings including self-tensioning winches, rigging a stage and bosuns chair, Cargo Work and the Code of Safe Working Practices for the Merchant Seamen.

Prerequisite: You must be aged 17 or over with a minimum of 6 months approved sea service in the deck department of sea going merchant ships and a navigational watch ratings certificate or a steering certificate. MCA accepted Yachtmaster Offshore certificate 2 and shore based course 3; b) Yacht Rating with at least 6 months sea service and a steering certificate or navigational watch ratings certificate.

Course length: 5 Days
Approximate Cost: £550

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